Q: Are you open for commissions?
A: I’m almost always open for commissions. On the odd chance I am not, I can put you on a waiting list and give you a time-frame of when I will be able to start work for you!

Q: What styles can you draw?
A: I can draw in many different styles, I’ve been drawing digitally since I got my first tablet in 2003, a Wacom Graphire 3!

Q: Do you give discounts?
A: Occasionally I will have sales and special deals. I feel my prices are very reasonable for what I offer.

Q: How long will it take?
A: Once I start sketching your emotes it takes 1-3 days to finish sketches depending on how many are required. Line art and colouring can take up to week depending on how many emotes you have ordered. I do try to get things done in a very timely manner but if I do need more time I will keep you informed.

Q: Do your emotes and badges include the sizes needed for Twitch?
A: Yes! Each emote and badge come in 3 different sizes necessary for uploading them to Twitch.

Q: Can I put my emotes on stickers and mugs?
A: Of course! I only ask that if someone likes the artwork on it, that you tell them who made it. It helps me grow as an artist.