Commissions are OPEN (Updated Nov 2020)

Emotes –
Prices start at $25 each.
Logos – Prices start at $75 for a simple logo and $135+ for a detailed logo. Scroll down for examples. Logos come with editable PDF and a transparent PNG.
Sub Badges – $15 per unique design. Scroll down for examples.
Please see disclaimer for more information on what I will/wont draw.
Edits to previous emote work – $15 unless just changing colours.

Icons/Social Media Art – For use on Discord/Twitch/Instagram/Twitter
These are more detailed and drawn larger than emotes.
$65+ for a bust (head/shoulders) Price depends on detail.
$85+ for full body (Animals/furry only at this time in full body!) Price depends on detail. I will inform you of the cost based on what is required for the piece. (Lots of armour, fur details/patterns, markings. That sort of thing.)
OC Character Sheet for Fursona – $75-$150 (Between 1 – 4 full body front – side – back + markings) Price depends on detail and body amount. 1 front $75, Full turn around $150. Pricing will be discussed in detail. Scroll down for example.

This is an example of a $35 painted emote. The emote has a more painted and artistic look. These emotes take more time to create, as several layers are blended together.

This is the standard $25 line art emote. I also offer this type of emote with thicker outer lines, just let me know what your preference is!

Above is an example of a £65 ($70) bust done for someone to use on social media panels. There is a lot of detail and can be done at any size.
Below is an example of an OC sheet. Price varies on detail required. $75-$150.

OC Character sheet for @skunkw0rxx on Twitter!

These are some logo examples, the Wolf belongs to AngryWolf6 and German Shepherd belongs to Wipz. The others are available for purchase!

Badge examples from 2018. Updated badge image coming soon!